Clean Beauty Kosmetik

The term clean from our ICADA label for clean Beauty stands for `free from`. It is not a label that guarantees natural cosmetics or completely dispenses with synthetic raw materials, because vegetable raw materials can also be harmful, and synthetic raw materials can be sustainable and the better or more ecological choice. It guarantees the consumer that a cosmetic product is free from questionable raw materials or raw materials that have been criticized by the media, such as

1. Silicones
2. Parabens
3. PEG's
4. synthetic fragrances, allergenic fragrances
5. mineral oils
6. Formaldehydes and their releasers and many more.

ICADA has developed the world's first quality label standard for "clean beauty clean product" and created a blacklist with over 3000 ingredients. With our clean label from ICADA, we stand for the conscious avoidance of substances from the ICADA blacklist.

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